Construction Technology

Construction Technology

Students who enroll in the Construction Technology program will become members of the construction crew, which builds a house from layout and framing, to final trim work. You will assist in the construction of various school and community projects based on current industry standards and practices. You will also develop skills using carpentry hand tools, stationary and portable tools used in the construction industry.

Program Objectives

Skills Needed for Success

use hand tools, portable power tools, and woodworking machines safely

learn operation techniques of various leveling instruments

understand cement, concrete, and concrete products as applied in the world of work

learn basic terminology and techniques as they apply to carpentry

construct (build) a three-bedroom home

examine building codes and apply them to daily building practices

be involved in all aspects of finish carpentry

understand the language of blueprint reading

calculate linear footage, square footage and cubic feet

explore many of the occupations involved in construction

Must be able to work independently

Manual dexterity

Hand and eye coordination

Physical stamina

Strong math skills and problem solving skills

Dependability and strong work ethic

Accuracy to perform repeated actions precisely

Excellent communication and social skills

Professional behavior

Being alert and aware of what’s going on around you

Construction Technology Syllabus

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Construction Technology

Mr. Curtis Tessum

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