Cosmetology Careers

Cosmetology Careers

The Cosmetology course will provide students with the basic knowledge, attitudes and skills needed to be successful in the vast beauty industry. During the time in this course students will participate in hands-on, industry relevant training and experiences in the areas of hair, skin and nail care. Students complete classroom theory work, practice on mannequins, classmates, and demonstrate competency by passing written exams and practical skills evaluations. Students will learn about the legal and ethical responsibilities associated with personal care. Classroom viewing of industry related DVD’s and introductions to guest speakers from several areas of this broad industry.

Program Topics

Skills Needed

Minnesota State Statutes, Rules and Regulations

Legal responsibilities and ethical practices in the cosmetology industry including professional and soft skills for employment

Infection control, principles and practices

The study of nail disorders, diseases, structure and growth

Basic manicuring techniques and practices

The Study of the Properties of Hair and Scalp including, chemical composition, structure, and disorders of the hair and scalp

Scalp care, shampooing and conditioning, including proper draping along with safety procedures

Principles of Hair Design, including, facial structure and its influences

Basic Hairstyling concepts including long hair formal styling, proper tool usage and safety procedures

Introduction to Haircutting, basic principles, techniques, proper ergonomics, tools, and safety standards

Basic haircutting techniques and practices

Introduction to Chemical Texture including basic science associated with chemical products

Physical phase of permanent waving, procedures, supplies and tool usage

Introduction to one of the most popular salon services – Haircoloring

Identification of hair structure, natural hair color and tone, understanding the level system, color wheel, types of haircolor and their uses, developer volumes and percentages

Experience basic application of haircolor and foiling techniques

Basic study of skin structure, diseases and disorders

Introduction to daily skin care regimens, practical facial skills and massage techniques

Excellent communication and social skills

Positive, friendly personality

Strong hand and eye coordination

Strong manual dexterity

Professional behavior

Proficient reading, writing and math skills

Being alert and aware of what’s going on around you

Critical-thinking skills

Problem sensitivity

Physical stamina

Time management skills

Dependability and a strong work ethic

Cosmetology Careers Syllabus

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Cosmetology Careers

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