Automotive Career Skills

Automotive Career Skills

Transitional Program – For students on an Individualized Education Program (IEP)

The goal of the Automotive Career Skills program is to provide you with the skills needed to gain competitive long-term employment in the automotive industry or related fields. In this program you will learn a wide variety of essential entry-level, industry relevant, automotive technician skills. You will participate in career exploration and investigation and research activities in order to fully understand all aspects of this multibillion-dollar industry. You will develop a portfolio of program related activities; develop confidence in your ability to be successful in the world-of-work and to live independently.

Program Goals

Skills Needed

Enter the exciting world of auto maintenance and detailing

Master the Computerized parts program

Develop your mechanical aptitude

Develop your manual dexterity

Sharpen your problem solving skills

Learn to pay attention to detail

Refine your soft skills

Mechanical aptitude

Good problem solving skills

Detail oriented

Manual dexterity

Self regulation and situational awareness

Ability to follow verbal instructions and written procedures

Basic reading, communications, writing, math, study skills, money management, auto upkeep, and general light maintenance

Team player, responsible, and good communicator

Automotive Career Skills Syllabus

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Automotive Career Skills

Mr. Russ Pearson

Instructor Phone Number Email
Russ Pearson 763-684-2221
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